Lakshmi Maa Puja

Lakshmi Maa Puja

Sri Lakshmi is the goddess of Wealth, Fortune and Prosperity on a material as well as a spiritual level. Goddess Lakshmi is the celestial companion of Lord Vishnu and is considered to be the Goddess of wealth and prosperity in Hindu traditions from Vedic times.

Astrologer Rudreshwar will do Lakshmi Puja in full moon day which is considered to be very auspicious. If you want to experience success in career or business with great financial growth without any obstacles, you should pray to and worship Maha Lakshmi on regular basis. Lakshmi Puja will give you the following benefits:

  • By doing Lakshmi puja you can be wealthy and financially successful.
  • Goddess Lakshmi will remove all obstacles and problems in your personal or professional life when you do Lakshmi puja.
  • You might have negative effect due to past life karma, of planetary transits in your horoscope and Lakshmi puja will get rid of all such bad effects.
  • You can ensure peace and prosperity by doing Lakshmi puja in your family and home.
  • To raise your intelligence skills, grasping power and luck, helping you to prosper in personal and professional life by performing Lakshmi Puja.

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